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Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Instant coffee and the way you were looking at me,

dressing me down, figuring my value as you sipped,

thinking I would find it funny, or flattering maybe

The way I laughed at you when you said you loved me

I knew you wanted the broken thing, the thing you thought you could squeeze into a shape between your hands pressed together

How you reached for me and I backed away and somehow you were the one who was hurt

I needed you but you kept leaning on me just when I was trying to catch my breath

You saw weakness in me, you saw an opening

You thought I would be easy to consume

You thought you would be able to swallow me whole

Your resentment when I wouldn't let you

You looked at me like I already belonged to you because his fingerprints lessened me, made me attainable for you.

The look on your face in the dark, the dangerous comprehension, when you realized I would never let you have me.



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